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The traditional model of finding sponsors is broken, brands are receiving thousands of unsolicited proposals a year & simply do not have the time to look at any of them in detail. So they end up in the bin, unread. This system does not work for rights holders or potential sponsors.  

There had to be an easier way for rights holders & potential sponsors to find each other, to connect in a no pressure environment. 

So we talked to the brands & agencies.

We asked them how they would like to find the right audience.  

The answer is Sponsorship Direct & it’s as easy as one, two, three!

3 simple steps to reaching sponsors

Choose the right

We charge a low annual membership fee to create exceptional value for money. Choose between a single or multi listing package.  

Your membership will run for a full year so that your exposure to potential sponsors goes through the entire 12 month marketing cycle. 

There are no added costs ever. All the sponsorship revenue we deliver for your event is 100% yours. 

your listing

This is your chance to shine & show your event to the world. 

Pictures & videos tell your story quickly & effectively, so the more the better. 

Include the event date, audience data & the range of sponsorship you are looking for. 

Now its over to us…

We promote

Our weekly newsletter goes out to hundreds of UK brands & agencies. 

Our open rates are second to none. 

Every brand & agency in our network has opted in to be notified of events like yours, so they are engaged & looking to use sponsorship to reach their desired audience. 

It’s that simple.

Simple fixed fee pricing, no commission, no hassle. 

Single Listing


Individual listing

Full year of promotion

Detailed digital prospectus and much more


£595 + Vat

Multiple Listings


5 listings

Full year of promotion

Detailed digital prospectus and much more


£995 + Vat



List all your clients

Full year of promotion

Detailed digital prospectus and much more


£1995 + Vat

Add your listing today!


You get a showcase for your event that we will then promote to our network of UK brands & agencies that have asked to be notified of opportunities like yours. 

We are lucky to work with some of the premier rights holders in the UK from charities like the National Trust & British Blind Sport through to smaller events & individuals. 

We charge a low annual fee to promote you through the entire buying cycle for brands. When we connect you with a sponsor you negotiate directly with them & keep 100% of the sponsorship revenue. We never charge a commission.

No. You have complete control over who you work with. 

Yes you can change anything on your listing at any time. You can add headliners as you secure them, add sponsors & add any details you think are relevant. We will notify all brands looking at your audience that updates have been made. 

Some of the rights holders that use Sponsorship Direct